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A bit more about me


Excusing the self indulgence that writing something about yourself can have, knowing about each other is always a vital part of being able to work towards your goals, so here's a touch more about me.

I started my golf thanks to a fantastic professional called Nick English at a 9 hole pitch and putt. The desire to give it a go in the first place was equal parts to spend time on the course with my father and to also try and beat his score as best I could.

After many years spent on the practice green and range of Hindhead Golf Club, I started my PGA while working at Hoebridge Golf Centre, a fantastic location that drives a lot of new players into the world of golf.

I learned a lot about all fields of golf but took a real shine to teaching so I started to focus all my learning and development on my ability to help others get the most out of their game. That carried me over to Cherry Lodge in Kent, Royal Ascot Golf Club in Berkshire and now Eden Golf Club in Carlisle as head teaching professional. I teach all abilities of adults as well as run the junior development courses and programmes. 

My ethos to teaching is that I have never and will never teach two of the same people. We are all so different, from desires to play on tour and build a life around competing, to simply wanting to finish a round with as many golf balls as you started with, we can work together to achieve your aims. Golf is meant to be enjoyed and no matter where that enjoyment comes from, my goal is to help it along.

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