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Beginner Golf Lessons​

Our Get into Golf program is a brilliant start to any golfing career. If you are taking up the sport and already keen to get as far as you can, or you just fancy dipping a toe and seeing if it's something you would enjoy, the idea of this course of lessons is to give you the very bedrock fundamentals.

Golf has plenty of ways to be played and even more ways to be enjoyed. Its a brilliant sport but it isn't without it's frustrations. From simply hitting the ball, to being knee deep in YouTube videos and "top tips" articles, we can often make those starter days harder than they need to be.

Here is what our Get into Golf package includes for just £120:

Get into Golf


1 to 1 Beginner Golf lessons on:

1 Hour lesson on Putting

1 Hour lesson on Chipping/Pitching

1 Hour lesson on Full swing

1 Hour lesson out on the course

After completion of your lessons, a 1 month FREE membership to our quiet 9 Hole golf course

All for just £120 - Equipment included

This series of lessons lets us get a comfortable start to each of the skills we will need to get going in the game. The lessons are taught in a simple and easy to follow way, where we focus on slowly building up our skills and confidence as we go. 

  • Lesson times are totally flexible to match your diary

  • Lessons are 1 to 1, so no need to worry about the pressure of others watching

  • Equipment is provided FOC for use during lessons

  • A relaxed and modern golf club means you can wear whatever is comfy and allows you to move

If you fancy getting booked in and having a go, just get in touch with myself or through Eden Golf club and we can get cracking on showing you how enjoyable golf can be!

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