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"Golf is deceptively 

simple and endlessly complicated"

Arnold Palmer

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A little about Tom


My love for golf started when I was able to make a fantastic professional regret his choice to bet with an 11 year old which cost him £10. Through the years following, attempting to repeat Tigers shot shaping ability which lost me a fortune in golf balls and ruining my fathers sleep pattern with late nights at Hindhead Golf club, I found a passion for teaching. Helping golfers of any ability to find more enjoyment from this incredible sport is an indescribable pleasure.

Junior, Adult, Group and Individual 

I tailor lesson plans, options and packages to best suit you and your needs. I'm certain we can find a way to get stuck into golf together.

I also run multiple junior classes, structured by ability so everyone can practice within a fun but similar group.

Beginner Golf Lessons

At Eden we have fantastic facilities to be able to bring people into the game of golf.

Our Get Into Golf offer is a brilliant little kickstart to have instruction on the basics of the game. Have a click on the tab and hop over to our Beginner Golf Lessons page to find out more.

Eden Golf Club

I teach from the fantastic location of Eden Golf Club where we have everything needed to bring on a game or learn it from the ground up, as well as a wonderful restaurant and clubhouse to relax in after.

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Kit, Tips and Bits


A fresh blog I keep update with new posts about equipment, coaching, practice games or chats about the golf world. Also you may have to forgive the odd hiking and camping post as I tend to run off to the mountains now and again.

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