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Junior Categories

To keep our young golfers as happy as possible, we grade them on ability and not because of age. This way, the group sessions can be kept as consistent as possible and everyone is getting involved in the challenge together.

Here's how we do it:

Junior Golf Lessons


With a Junior coaching section that's relatively new but already active and regular, we have a great bunch of eager golfers at all ages and abilities.

Our children's golf lessons take many forms, be it group lessons, individual sessions or seasonal day camps, we have plenty of activities running to bring a budding new golfer into a seasoned veteran in no time! ​

The ethos I run with teaching juniors is exceptionally simple. It HAS to be fun and enjoyable. If a junior walks away from a golf experience saying it was a fantastic time, they will practice and play as golf is a fun sport to do. If golf becomes work, it's more likely to be avoided in favour of Playstation or Xbox (i'm pointing at all the Fortnight addicts out there). 


Tiger golfers are those just starting out. Lessons are relaxed, fun, and typically focus on one objective with plenty of games. The goal is to really provide the basics but make it enjoyable to do so.


The intermediate golfers have started to build up their experience and fancy taking on a bit of competitive practice. 

Lessons will now start to build more golf specific skills and tailor more development in their techniques and basic rules/etiquette.


As the Golfer hits the advanced stage, they are course ready. Either to gain or start to reduce a handicap, they get stuck into course golf.

Practice will involve plenty of challenges and we get stuck into the variable shots that can happen on the course as well as many other more advanced elements.

Junior Group Golf Lessons

The Junior groups are a brilliantly fun way to learn golf with those of similar ability and age.


They are scheduled alongside the standard school term times and run on Saturdays. 


We typically select an area to focus on for the session and play challenging games to test and develop our ability to perform the right technique. It's an enjoyable way to learn and my goal is to always have our juniors excited about coming and practising their golf. 

Join in with the Weekend Classes

To join up with our weekend classes, find out about the lesson dates and times or have a chat about how to involve your child into golf,  just get in touch. Drop me a call or an email and we can discuss the best way to get your young golfer into the game and enjoying everything golf can offer.

Junior Individual Golf Lessons

If you would prefer starting to work together with a one to one lesson style, that's no problem at all. One to one sessions provide a more direct and targetted style of learning and can really show great steps in a players technique and learning. 

Below are some options to start with, but feel free to get in touch to tailor a that can work best. Looking forward to hearing from you.


30 Minutes 

Half hour Junior Golf Lesson for ages 4-7



1 Hour

60 minute junior Golf Lesson



6 for 5

6 X 60 minute Junior Golf Lessons for the price of 5 


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